The Teaneck Terpsichoreans, formerly the Teaneck Modern Dance Club, under the direction of Ms. Cheryl Miller-Porter, will celebrate 40 Years of Dance in February 2011. Cheryl Miller-Porter was truly a visionary when she founded the Teaneck Modern Dance Club. She has dedicate the past 40+ years of her life teaching, mentoring, and nurturing the youth of Teaneck and the surrounding communities.
In preparation for the 40th Anniversary, the Terpsy Alumni Committee is in the process of contacting Terpsys and Terpsy supporters around the globe inviting them to be a part of this joyous ocassion. Lil Terps, Junior Terpsys, THS Terpsys and Alumni Terpsys will grace the stage on February 19 & 20, 2011.

 The organization to this day has been self-supporting. As a result, the Alumni Terpsys have organized several wonderful fund raisers in preparation for the 40th Anniversary. 

Please support the Terpsys as we prepare for this momentous ocassion.


The Teaneck Terpsichoreans was established in 1971 by Cheryl Miller-Porter. Originally named
As an established tradition at THS, the Terpsys have always played a role in supporting the community with numerous local performances; and every spring, senior Terpsy members share their love of dance and develop their teaching aspirations by earning community service credit assisting local dance teachers. An annual southern tour from Virginia to North Carolina, during mid-winter recess, also give the troupe an opportunity to share and network with other high school dance communities. In addition to nurturing the budding talents of our members by encouraging student choreography, exposing our members to the real world of dance has always been a  priority with regular trips to see Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Newark Dance Theatre and others.


Cheryl’s love and dedication  for youth extends far beyond the classroom. While serving as teacher, Mentor, Advisor and Role Model to thousands, she skillfully befriends and motivates a diverse group of students. It is her easy-going personality that continues to attract many of her alumni Terpsys to return and volunteer as staff, mentors, choreographers and dancers. In addition, her appreciation for family and tradition is evident as dance club members (now known as Terpsys) span three and four generations in some Teaneck families.


In addition to high school students, middle and elementary school students have joined the ranks of this self supporting organization that will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in February 2011.


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